What problems are easy to appear in the customized production of corrugated boxes?

Corrugated box is made of corrugated board through die-cutting, indentation, nail box or adhesive box. It is a widely used and high consumption packaging commodity. If the carton is deformed, it will indirectly affect the quality of commodity printing, die cutting, slotting and corner cutting. Let’s take a closer look.

The deformation of corrugated box can be roughly divided into three types: longitudinal arch, transverse arch and arbitrary arch. Longitudinal arch refers to the arch of paperboard along the speed direction of production line; Transverse arch refers to the arch along the corrugated direction; Arbitrary arch refers to an arch that shakes in any direction. The arched surface of face paper is called positive arch, the arched surface of inner paper is called negative arch, and the wavy surface of face paper and inner paper is called positive and negative arch. 

In two-color or multi-color printing of cartons, there are many problems, such as inaccurate registration, uneven inking, edge color difference and so on. At the same time, the scale of the slot on the printing slotting machine will shift, the top and bottom shaking covers of the carton will become heavy or do not match, and the die-cutting feeding will also have defects such as jamming and scale displacement, which can lead to the damage of the normal paperboard or equipment, forced to stop for repair, inconvenient feeding and the addition of carton waste in the production process.


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